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Having an accurate prediction or forecast is meaningful to the hospitality industry. There is no doubt that there is huge business opportunity if you can know the travel trend beforehand. With tailor-made AI models, you can verify any assumptions and formulate a strategy accordingly if there is a certain pattern found. Take reference of our below use case of NBA Result Prediction for predicting the game results for a media company. You can tailor made a model to fit your own needs. Feel free to expand your assumptions, instead of wild guess, verify your idea with solid statistics and artificial intelligence. For example, you can verify if there is any relation between climate change and the trend of travel destinations.

What is Tailored Prediction/Forecast Model?

Artificial intelligence is well-known for its ability of making prediction and forecast. It is a powerful tool that help you verify your assumptions by examining if there is any correlation between the variation of different parameters. It can also improve the accuracy from analysis of past record and help you make statistically sound decisions.

Case Study

Store Cannibalization Forecast

The largest health & beauty care chain store in Asia would like to get insights for strategic planning of where to open new stores. One of the essential factors to be considered is that whether the revenue of the branches nearby will be affected when there is a new store opened in the same area. To verify client’s assumption, we built a forecast model based on the branch opening pattern and revenue data in the past so that our client could know better about how opening a new store would impact the revenue of other stores

NBA Result Prediction

One of the largest media in Hong Kong would like to make predictions on NBA game results to enrich the news content in sports section. We started to build a model based on historical data, combined with different attributes of each game to make a prediction on ongoing NBA games. At the end our trained model outperformed other prediction models in the market with an accuracy of 69%. This success case can further apply to different sports games like football, badminton etc., or scale up to an Olympic Games level.

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