Powerful search that free your brain memory by understanding images

Computers don’t “see” images or objects in the same way as humans. In fact, visual tasks are huge barriers to computers as what they could perceive are pixels only. By training convolutional neural networks, image / object classification technology can classify, i.e. “understand” images & objects based on contextual information in them.

Case Study

Our image classification solution helped a puller manufacturer to improve their sales efficiency and accuracy. Imagine you have a bulk collection of zip pullers. Thousands of pullers, all different kinds. It’s painful for the sales representatives to carry an encyclopedia-like catalog around for presentation. Finding a specific page for a particular matching puller is even a nightmare (and before that, you need to memorize the whole collection so that you know which one you are exactly looking for). It’s where AI could fit in to ease the pain.

Powered by a well-trained deep neural network, our image classification engine allows the client to do powerful search among images stored in a digitalized database. When the potential buyer asks about a particular zip puller, sales could just take a photo of the puller and the mobile system will do the rest. The image classification engine is capable to recognize the closest puller and the stock model number accurately in seconds. Chic and easy. It favors an effective and real-time communication between buyers and sales which helps closing the deal right away.

Zip puller Case Study

Read about how we use Tensorflow to create a puller classification engine.

Use Case

The image/object classification technology can be applied to various businesses like retail industry or e-commerce. By classifying an image or object with AI, a user could search an item with an image/object and match the products provided in a physical store or a website online. This not only improves the efficiency of shopping behaviour and the level of customer satisfaction but also uplifts the conversion rate and sales.

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