Get business insights by knowing your customers

Are you curious about how customers shop at your store? Which product will catch their attention? Which area do they stay the longest? For a shopping mall, how do customers move around? Which shops do they enter and which do not? What are the demographics of them?

All these valuable answers can help you optimize your business, and now you can get these answers from recognition technology.

You can customize our recognition model and make use of AI to detect customer in a non-invasive way. By reading video streams collected from cameras, our AI model can help you track the motions and active zones of the customers.

You can also analyze the demographics like gender, age and even emotions. From now on you can empower your business with targeted marketing campaigns, improved store efficiency and conversion rate by knowing your customer.

Case Studies

We developed a PoC for a large chain store retailer to recognize customers, staff and record their interactions and activities of customers in different areas of the store with its CCTV recording.

Idenfity visitor actions via CCTV recordings using Machine Learning

Idenfity visitor actions via CCTV recordings using Machine Learning

Dashboard to overview visitor actions

Dashboard to overview visitor actions, including heatmap of visit path. Providing valuable business insights.

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